Installation with neon pieces, fabric, mirrored plexiglas, motor, lighting, text print on vinyl on glass window
Dimensions variable

Clathratus is a site-specific installation for Spazio Volta that aims to “return the water to the source,” inviting the public to contemplate, in this way, its cycles and those of time. By combining printed text on the window with small moving light and sculptural elements (playing with references and connections between the interior and exterior of the exhibition space), the project also constitutes an exhortation to become aware of time which, as the physicist Carlo Rovelli recalls, in his famous essay The Order of Time, is the tool through which human beings interact with the world, the form of their identity. For a limited time, Spazio Volta thus becomes a small temporary capsule, where the water will once again flow inside. A container full of life, as the title also reminds us, which evokes ‘clathrates’, molecular chemical compounds based on an essential relationship between content and container.