5-channel video installation + VR
30’15” in loop / variable duration
Dimensions variable

Installation views at Centre d’Art Tecla Sala

Video + VR stills

Uxuwell looks into the condition of our present. It addresses different aspects and scales of our reality, connecting the present with the past and the future, memory and our physical, climatic, and linguistic environment. The project is materialized in a multichannel video installation and a virtual reality experience. The spacetime of the work transits between the real and the fictional, between virtual and real landscapes that are directly related to geological and climatic changes. Some of them have been recorded in the salt lakes of the Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park (Spain); in Hverir (Iceland), an area of intense volcanic and geothermal activity; in the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon (Iceland) and under the lens of a microscope. Different realities that cause changes and are affected by each other on different time scales. The virtual scenarios take us to speculative places that, together with the texts, address different dimensions of our experience of reality: memory, time and future territories, the code and the image (abstract, glitched), the fundamental particles and the universe. Uxuwell seeks to reflect on our perception of spacetime based on Jakob von Uexküll’s concept of umwelt.

Full text: [Eng] [Cast]

Conception and Direction: Pedro Torres
VR visual design: Lucas Gutiérrez
Sound: Unai Lazcano
Video editing: Pedro Torres
Video sync: Carlos Carbonell Martínez
Texts: Pedro Torres
Translations: la correccional
Voices: Pedro Torres, Barbara Held
Voice recording: La Isla Estudio

Work produced within the programme of ”la Caixa”
Foundation, Support for Creation’20. Production


5 screens

V1: central screen

V2: 1st left screen

V3: 1st rigt sceen

V4: 2nd left screen

V5: 2nd right screen